Broadway Academy students

are rockin’ it with Hamilton videoclip!

While in the holiday spirit, Broadway Academy students have decided to take on Smash hit musical – Hamilton.

Schuyler Sisters video clip has over 70.000 views and the number is increasing day by day.

So sit down in a comfy chair and enjoy our version of our fantastic quartet!

All started when students of Martina Oslejskova (Director&Vocal/Broadway coach) expressed their excitement for Hamilton musical currently performing on Broadway. They started working on solo songs from Hamilton musical. But they all felt only solo performances are not enough and started working on another song from musical Hamilton – quartet “Schuyler Sisters”

You could hear and see all of them performing at our holiday Toys 2016 charity recital. Ryan took a part as King and Burr, Aissa, Kathryn and Julia were switching roles as Angelica and Eliza.. For those who were not lucky to join us that day we have made this videoclip.

“Schuyler sisters”

Angelica: Aissa Guindo (Student of Martina Oslejskova)

Eliza: Julia Rawasa (Student of Martina Oslejskova)

Peggy: Chloe Oldland (Student of Kyla Smith)

Burr: Ryan Mendel (Student of Martina Oslejskova)

Voice recorded at QDS Studio

Video: Isaac Hwa 

Costumes: We would like to express our gratitude to Concordia University for renting us these wonderful costumes for our Charity event  free of charge. This kind donation has been highly appreciated. Also because it helped us collect even more toys than last year.

Hamilton Group

Concert preparation

Musical Hamilton

“Schuyler Sisters”

“Schuyler Sisters”


“Schuyler Sisters”

Aissa singing “Burn”

Ryan as King George III. singing “You’ll be back”

Julia singing”Satisfied”

Kathryn singing “Helpless”