Broadway Academy Westmount is more than happy to introduce you to its programs and workshops!

We have many different options to offer for the best service to all our students!


Also called one-on-one programs! One instructor just for you! You are not sharing your time with another student therefore you get the best option to master your musical talent! Neither you nor your instructor is interrupted by any third person. This allows you to ask your teacher as many questions as possible and get the best musical knowledge and experience!

Our classrooms are soundproof so you don’t get  disturbed by other student next door!

You can choose from these programs:

For beginners of all ages

For those who want to work on auditions (colleges, universities,) and competitions (International and local, TV shows, VOICE, etc.)

For those who can not follow every course we have a SPECIAL offer! We are opening FLOATING HOURS PROGRAM.

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Annual concert 2014 88