Mother and Baby Music and Dance Classes – for children from 12 months of age. This class brings mothers (dads/parents) together with their babies in a world of music, playful physical exercise, exploration and connection; simple activities designed to unlock, motivate and engage physical energy and musicality, while being with one’s child.

Starting on September 20, 2014

45min class consist of:

Warming up: Exercises for stretching, limbering, strength, co-ordination, alignment and articulation.

Mum and Baby class

Movement: Exploring physical ideas that engage the imagination with a playful attitude.
Dancing with babies  is done in line dances, circle dances and free form dancing around the room or in place, to Disney, and child songs.

Music initiation leads towards learning and exploring rhythm through short child songs accompanied by playing Orf instruments (triangles, wooden sticks, jingle bells, etc.)

Children 1-2 years old
Class duration: 45 min
Starting: September 2016
Price: $18

To sign up please call or email us.