Annual concert 2014

Annual concert 2014


Find an instrument you wish to play and decide which technique you want to practice and master. If you decide to attend a voice class you also need to choose a singing technique you wish to practice. Our instructors have been thought to many different techniques therefore you can find the exact one you’re looking for. All the instruments & techniques see below.

Courses are opened for following instruments: Voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, saxophone, recorder, clarinet, trumpet, flute, accordion.

Courses are opened for following techniques: Classical, jazz, pop, rock.

After you found what you were looking for you decide which Program you want to follow, based on your level of  experience and goals you want to achieve. You can choose from BASIC PROGRAM,  INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM or ADVANCED PROGRAM!

Based on your decision which program instrument, and the technique you desire we’ll find you the best instructor.

Courses are opened for all age groups!


To achieve your best results our courses are 45 minutes or 60 minutes long.
Why 30 minutes courses are not offered?

We have learned that shorter courses don’t give the instructor enough time to explain new information in detail. Students have difficulties with proper practice and the explanation has to be heard repeatedly. Students might become aggravated and bored because they can’t see any good results.

How to decide between 45min and 60min class?

We mostly suggest to attend 60min classes. They give you enough time to master your technique or concert piece and fully understand new theory topics! We recommend 60min class to adults and children starting from age 12 upward.

Shorter classes (45min) are here especially for children younger 12 years of age or for others who might find 60min classes too long. Theory for the younger ones can be structured as a musical game!

Annual concert 2014

Annual concert 2014

Our band

“The Band”

What is the youngest age for starting a music lessons?

Most children are capable to start with a music program at the age of 4. Most recommended instrument for our 4-years-old is violin. Starting age for piano is 5 or 6. Startup for guitar classes is usually at the age of 7 and not before that. The reason is very simple. Children need their fingers strong enough to hold the strings and hands big enough to hold the guitar neck.

Is there another option for kids 3-4 years of age?

YES! We are opening MUSIC INITIATION workshop! This is the best way to introduce music to your kids. You can sign up for this workshop now (payment will be required after the starting date is confirmed).

What other special workshops can  we offer to your children?

We are opening music and dance workshops! BROADWAY MINI is the most entertaining workshop for girls and boys between 3-9 years of age. LET’S GO BROADWAY is opened for children 14 years old and younger.

We are more than happy to introduce a special workshop for older teenagers and adults – BROADWAY WINGS!

Our courses are made to give the highest coaching quality to our students. We make sure your time is fulfilled with plenty of interesting and useful information.

Our instructors are highly qualified with a degree in music. Each of them has performing experience as well as coaching experience!
We guarantee you great musical improvement if our instructor’s practice advices are followed.