Weekend full of magical experience

Classes and backstage tour with marvelous Brodaway CINDERELLA musical

Broadway Academy sparkled up fall semester by special Master Classes with Cinderella cast members.

Amazing time with fabulous cast members of Cinderella tour cast! Classes were for all musical lovers as of the age of 6. We were so thrilled to experience great coaching of Emilie Reiner (U/S Cinderella), Lauren Monteleone (U/S Charlotte, Madame) and Taylor Daniels. Students have learned songs “Stepsisters lament”, “Lovely Night”, “Prince is giving a ball” and many others.

Cinderella Master class – with Taylor Daniels (Cinderella musical) and Martina Oslejskova (Director)

Cinderella Vocal Master Class – with Lauren Monteleone

Cinderella Master class – with Emilie Reiner

Little Cinderellas – final bow practice

Cinderella Master class

Cinderella Master class

Cinderella Master class – crazy gang