Broadway Academy



Date: June 22, 2017 at 7h00PM

Venue: Salle Claude-Léveillée, Place des arts

VIVAT Broadway

We would like to invite you to our concert for good cause – VIVAT BROADWAY.  Broadway Academy students will sing to support Montreal Children’s Hospital. We have learned there are 52 special units in MCH. Amazing doctors and nurses are daily saving lives of premature children. All money will be used to create specially designed clothing for premature children. We would like to thank all our supporters, especially Ms. Marie-France Haineault (MCH) and Ms. Wafaa Latif (fashion designer for designing and making these special clothes for free).

Come and join fantastic singers:
Martina Oslejskova (Cats lead performer and Broadway Academy director)
Aissa Guindo (strong contestant to perform on lead role in Broadway musical Hamilton, Musique Jeunesse multiple winner )
Julia Rawas (1st place winner – American Protege, DSCVRD winner)
Madison King (DSCVRD winner, Musique Jeunesse winner )
Chloe Oldland ( Musique Jeunesse multiple winner )
Alexandra Routhier and Amanda Coochey (Former students, currently students of Randolph Academy of performing Arts)
Jessica Passal and Kirsten Calma (finalists of Filipino-Canadian talent competition)
Alisa Zubkova ( Musique Jeunesse multiple winner )
Other marvelous students to participate include Ryan Mendel, Lauren Zariffa, Leticia Sanchez, Emilie Khury, Alexa Blaise

Martina Oslejskova,Broadway Academy director, instructor and Vivat Broadway organizer answers all your questions:

Why have you and Broadway Academy decided to help premature children?

Martina: We are annually helping Montreal Children’s hospital with toys donation. Our “Broadway family” donates every year approximately three fully loaded cars of toys. Last donation was a bit different. Not only we have donated the most toys in our six years donation history, but we have discovered the hospital is experiencing shortage in clothing for premature children. These are usually 2-5lb and for such reason it is almost impossible to find proper clothes for them. My mission was set that day – supply MCH with special robes for preemies in incubators.

What specifically are you going to donate?

Martina: Our goal is to donate 52 preemie size hospital robes, 52 preemie size sleepers, 52 blankets. All for 52 special units in MCH.

Where will you seek the premature clothing?

Martina: All robes are made by Ms. Wafaa Latif. Wafaa is our former student and a fashion designer. We are grateful she has joined our event and agreed on making all these special robes for free.

What will you use the funds for?

Martina: All raised money will be used to purchase sleepers, blankets, fabric and all other necessary sewing material.

Buy tickets here

Each ticket is a great donation and will help one premature child in an intensive care! Come and enjoy our Broadway concert for a good cause.

Toys delivered to MCH

Toys Delivery: Ales Penkava (President), Santa, Martina Oslejskova (Director) and Marie-France Haineault (MCH)

Toys Delivery – last container: Ales Penkava (President), Santa, Martina Oslejskova (Director) and Marie-France Haineault (MCH)

Jessica Pasal
Musique Jeunesse winner, Filipino – Canadian talent finalist

Student of Martina Oslejskova

 Broadway Academy is helping MCH on regular basis:
Ales Penkava (President), Martina Oslejskova (Director)

Aissa Guindo
Hamilton musical, Musique Jeunesse multiple winner

Student of Martina Oslejskova

Chloe Oldland
Musique Jeunesse multiple winner; Student of Kyla Smith

Ryan Mendel

Here as King George III. singing “You’ll be back”

Student of Martina Oslejskova

Performers in PDA from the front:
Madison King, Amanda Coochey, Leticia Sanches, Alexandra Routhier, Lauren Zariffa
Students of Martina OSlejskova, Sabrina Cardi and Kyla Smith

Alisa Zubkova
Musique Jeunesse multiple winner
Student of Martina Oslejskova

Julia Rawas

first place winner in Broadway voice, American protege international competition

student of Ms.Martina Olejskova