This course aims to expose singers, dancers, and actors of all skill levels to the musical performing arts. After the 3 semester program offered, students will execute a short performance compiled from several famous Broadway shows!

Our classes are two hours long and consist of four sections:

  1. Dance training:

    Learn marvelous dance routines derived from a variety of styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, Limon and Martha Graham. Our methods don’t require any prior knowledge of dance. Our instructor believes that anyone can be a dancer! Just feel the beat!

    Our methods will help you to feel more comfortable, relaxed and creative on stage!

  2. Voice training:

    Educate your voice! Our exercises are going to enormously improve your vocal range! You will work on solo parts, duets and up to four voice harmony.

  3. Basic acting course:

    The first step to being an actor! Speech exercises and improvisation will aid you in creating a character for your part in our show!

  4. Choreography:

    Learn how to dance fantastic choreography! The level of difficulty is based on your abilities and improvement during the classes. Experience the most important part of Broadway performances: dancing and singing at the same time!


  • Holiday Toys Charity recital benefiting Montreal Children’s Hospital;
  • Annual concert in Dawson Theater
  • Special appearance on events outside of Broadway Academy (Place des Arts, etc.)
  • COSTUMES – provided by Broadway Academy

Broadway Wings III - classes 1
Annual concert 2013 47


FALL 2019
Starting on 09/19 & 09/20/2019

2 locations
12 week session
Concert on December 8, 2019


Our teaching methods:

We focus on teaching in a friendly, stress free environment! The sessions will come to an end with an intimate public concert. We have collected the most beautiful songs from famous musical shows. Our courses and end of term concerts are derived from our company’s own experience with musical theatre. Our passion for these magnificent musical shows drives us to give you the best classes Broadway can inspire. We know you’ll just love what we have to offer you!

Who is eligible to attend the Broadway Wings workshop?

Our course is open to everyone! All beginners to advanced singers and dancers are welcome starting from age 15 upward.

Students will be divided into separate groups depending on age and experiences so they may improve their skills as much as possible at a suitable pace!


Simply fill in our Registration FORM . Classes will be structured to benefit to your skills and potential.  

Broadway Wings 2019 – 2020 Workshops
FALL 2019
Location: 4055 Ste-Catherine West, Suite 129
September 19 – December 5, 2019 (12 week session)
Location: 3505 Durocher
September 20 – December 6, 2019 (12 week session)

Annual “Holiday Toys” recitals – December 8, 2019

Broadway Wings 2019 – 2020 Workshops
WINTER/SPRING I. January – May, 2020
WINTER/SPRING II. January – May, 2020

March break MARCH 2-9, 2020 CLOSED

Broadway Wings -

Broadway Wings – “Honey, honey”

Breakfast TV Montreal

Breakfast TV Montreal

Schuyler Sisters - Hamilton

Schuyler Sisters – Hamilton

LOCATION: 4055 Ste-Catherine Street, Suite 129

Age group: 20+ years old
Duration: 75 min
09/19/2018 – 12/05/2019
Availability: 2 Spots Available

Broadway Wings – Advanced group
Concert June 2017

LOCATION: Ballet Divertimento, 3505 Durocher street 
6h45- 8h45PM
Age group: Adults (18+) ADVANCED, Audition required
Duration: 2 hours
09/20/2019 – 12/06/2019
Availability: Audition required

Broadway Steps – Payments Thursday:

Payments – Fall 2019 
Period Price Total Amount Savings
1stRUN 6 weeks, 09/19 – 10/24/2019 $40 $240
2nd RUN* 6 weeks, 10/31- 12/05/2019 $40 $240
FULL SESSION 12 weeks, 09/19 – 12/05/2019 $35 $420 $60